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Yesterday, I Was.....Today, I Am.....

Yesterday, I was.....
A writer with no words to write An author with nothing to publish An artist with a blank canvas A singer without a song to sing A runner, with no sense of direction and going nowhere fastAn athlete with no game to play A teacher who has nothing to teach Guarded and afraid to love another manA parent who felt unsure as I faced problem and challenges of motherhoodI was a prisoner of my pastLiving in fear
Today, I am.....
A writer who has much to say An author who will tell her storyAn artist who has created the vision I want for my lifeA singer with a song in my heart and praise in my mouth. Taking the necessary steps to move my life in a more meaningful directionLearning to succeed at this game called life A mother who taught her daughters to love themselves mind, body and soulA mother who taught her daughters to surround themselves with positive people Vulnerable and willing to take the risk of loving againLearning from my mistakes and becoming a better parent and…

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