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Because Of You

Dear Father, I am a mess because of you.  I have trust issues because of you. You were not there to give me a reason to trust you. Due to your actions or lack there of, I have had a challenging time trusting the man in my life.  I am in love with a wonderful man. I loveee me some him, but I have issues because of you. I cannot love and trust him the way I want to because of you.  I look for reassurance to feel at peace with myself and in my relationship because of you. I have placed the responsibility on him to be my everything because of you. I am sensitive to rejection because of you.  I have endured a life of fear of being abandoned and due to that, I have become anxious and clingy in my relationship because of you.  I am waiting on day that he decides to leave, walk out and abandon me because I cannot understand why he would stay; Because you my father walked out before knowing me. In was left abandoned. I was an after thought. You were supposed to be there because I w
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A Prayer for My Brown Girls

One of my prayers for my daughter's is that God continues to guide them as they navigate through life. I pray that they will be surrounded by and interact with like minded individuals. I pray they really know and understand that the decisions they make today not only will have impact today or tomorrow but also in the future. I pray that God continues to open doors, the right doors for them as well as close the wrong ones.  I ask God to protect them from anyone who seeks to do harm unto them. Protect them for hurt, harm  and dangers known and unknown. I pray that they always put their faith and trust in him. Continue to strive for greatness and do their best in all that they do.  “When you have faith in God, you don’t have to worry about the future. You just know it’s all in His hands. You just go to and do your best.” -unknown

Being a Bold Leader

Stop and think about the following questions.   1. What does it mean to be bold? 2. What does it mean to be a leader?  3. Would you consider yourself bold, a leader or a bold leader?  There are several definitions and interpretations of what it means to be bold and to be a leader. My interpretation of being bold is not being afraid to take risks or make decisions (that lead to a positive result). I also think being bold is displaying confidence and courage as someone works to fulfill their purpose in the world. My interpretation of a leader is someone who has good organization skills which is required when working in a team setting or organization. I also think leaders stand behind their teams and works diligently to bring out the best in everyone. My interpretation of a bold leader is a combination of bold and leaders previously stated above. In addition, a bold leader is someone who has a clear vision, purpose, and a plan of action. It is someone who can get tho

Brooklyn United Music and Arts Program is Homeless

Press Release Brooklyn United (BU) is one of Brooklyn’s most effective Music and Arts Programs . It is a program that offers a creative and safe space for minority inner-city youth. Throughout the years, the program has operated out of churches and other dance studios. During their time at these establishments, BU has been, and continues to be, an inspiration to all who have had a face-to- face encounter or have seen them perform. Residing in New York city, the youth face several challenges and dangers. We all know that an idle mind and too much (unsupervised) free time can change the trajectory of their lives. Brooklyn United has provided an alternative to spending so much time unsupervised. While operating out of the establishments previously mentioned,  Brooklyn United  has been able to offer an afterschool program, Saturday program, programming during school b reaks, Summer camp and more for inner-city youth. During the school year, Brooklyn United offers homework assistance to yo

Dear White People,

We now live in shared community. The same community you did not want to occupy or be caught dead in many years ago. The same community that was once affordable and now the average brown family can no longer afford to remain in or rent. Yet you are here, and we embrace you with no issues.  Unfortunately, some of you move in and cause nothing but problems. Instead of us living together peacefully, some of you have inappropriate conversations with underage children instead of speaking to the parent. This is the quickest way to get your feelings hurt (that's putting it nicely). Some of you look for reasons to call law enforcement knowing the outcome of your actions could cause a black or brown man, woman or child to lose their life.  If there is no imminent threat to you or someone else why are you calling the police. Yet, I get it now. This is your way to express you have "control" of the situation you created in your mind. If you did not know, let me say it loud for those o

My Browngirl Is Graduating From College Today

Screaming Congratulations!!! Today is Tereya's big day. She is graduating from Brooklyn College. Tereya has accomplished so much. I am so proud of her and the young lady she has become. She did not have the opportunity to take her graduation pictures, nor did she have a traditional graduation ceremony today.  We were not able to schedule hair, nail and make up appointments. My plan is to have her do these things as well have her photos taken to commerate this accomplishment. The pandemic came in wreaking havoc on our lives. She had to complete her final semester of college remotely. It was a challenge, but she did not let that or Corona deter her. She held onto the goal and trusted the process. It was not easy, but it was worth it. Guess what Tinkerbell, YOU did it.  You have set the path for your only sister. You may get on each others nerves, but she looks up to you. Tereya you have fought through some bad days to earn the best days of your lif

We The People

We the people have been in a choke-hold since the beginning of time.We the people of the black and brown community live in a country where we sing land of the free and the home of the brave. The question remains are we really free? Or are we free-ish? We the people were not able to breathe long before Eric Gardner uttered those very words. We the people has had a knee on our neck for quite sometime and we beyond tired. We are beyond angry, tired and frustrated and emotionally drained. We have been fighting for equality for centuries. Sadly, the color line continues to divide our nation and our communities.  I have heard people say we should be tired of our own killing our own. I am here to say, we are tired. We are tired of the murders and violence done by our very own and others. However, today, I am not addressing the killings done by our own. Today, I am speaking about the racial injustices within the black and brown community.  The recent protests are happening because of the murde