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My Daughter Was Hit By A Car

On April 21, 2021 between 5:30pm - 6pm my daughter was the victim of a hit and run on Atlantic and Rochester (Queens Side). The driver did not stay at the scene. Make and model of the car is unknown. As far as I know, there are no witnesses. But we know someone had to see something. Without going into detail, she is alive and alert. I am forever grateful. It could have been worse, but God. 

I thank God for wrapping his arms around my daughter and protecting her. I am very thankful for Roxie and Pringle who called me because he knew in his heart something happened to NyAsia. I am very thankful for the good samaritan who contacted me and stayed with my daughter until EMS arrived. I am thankful for Nettie and Yasmeen for going with her to the hospital and staying there until arrived. I am very thankful for my family, friends near and far. I am very thankful for Ty Brown and the entire BU Village. I am thankful for all the prayers, calls and texts. They are very much appreciated. Thank you to my sister from another mother Neesha for coming to the hospital (against my wishes) staying with me until she was kicked out.

I ask that you share this post with the hopes of someone stepping up and speaking out. My focus is to ensure my daughter recovers and then find the person who hit and left her in the street.


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