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Getting Back To Me

These past six months has been the best in such a long time. I have been putting myself first for once in my life. I did for others before I did for myself. I cared for others before I cared for myself. I sacrificed for others, but NO one sacrificed anything for me. I gave my time, my heart and soul to people who were not deserving of it. I gave people the benefit of the doubt even when I knew they did not deserve it. I trusted people even though I knew they were lying, doing and doing things that would cause them to lose my trust. Well, those days are long gone. I was never the person who cared what anyone thought or said about me, then at some point in my life I began to care. That was where I made my mistake. What matters is my opinion of myself.  People judged spoke negatively about Jesus and then crucified him. So who am I. People will talk about you whether you are doing well or not. They will find or make up something to talk about when they know nothing about you. People who a

24 Things That Annoy Me

In a previous post I spoke about People Who Annoy Me . In this post I will speak about several things that have annoyed me. The list below is comprised of things I have encountered daily as well as over time. Bugs...All of them . People who wait to get to the turnstile to look for their metrocard. People who do not say please or thank you.  When someone who is not smelling so fresh stands in front of or near me. When male family members and/or friends leave the toilet seat up. People who cannot think for themselves. Parents who only feed their children fast food. #learntocook Parents who do not keep their promises  People who concoct elaborates stories in their minds and they believe they are true. When I say Good Morning and the occupants in the room do not respond. Being accused of something I did not do. When someone lies to me (especially about something minor). People who do not take responsibility for themselves, their actions or the lives they help create.  Bicyc

Reservoir Dogs NYC

After meeting up with a few good friends for some drinks at  Mirrors on Grand  we decided to walk around the neighborhood. We found ourselves on Franklin Avenue. I am not sure how or why we where there. No we were not intoxicated. No one made any suggestions to go in that direction considering none of us lived near Franklin Avenue. I must say it pays to walk around the borough in which you reside. It was this night that I discovered Reservoir dogs. Reservoir Dogs is a gourmet hot dog shop that allows you to create your own hot dog. The new hot dog shop is conveniently located on 717 Franklin Avenue-corner of Park Place. It is open seven days a week and has late night hours to satisfy your late night cravings. Reservoir Dogs has a option for everyone. The menu consists of all beef hot dogs, beef and pork hot dogs, kosher hot dogs, vegetarian options, sausages and a slew of toppings to create your own hot dog or purchase hot dogs that . via Menu Pix via Menu Pix I have a hard time digest