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Yesterday, I Was.....Today, I Am.....

Yesterday, I was.....
  • A writer with no words to write 
  • An author with nothing to publish 
  • An artist with a blank canvas 
  • A singer without a song to sing 
  • A runner, with no sense of direction and going nowhere fast
  • An athlete with no game to play 
  • A teacher who has nothing to teach 
  • Guarded and afraid to love another man
  • A parent who felt unsure as I faced problem and challenges of motherhood
  • I was a prisoner of my past
  • Living in fear

Today, I am.....
  • A writer who has much to say 
  • An author who will tell her story
  • An artist who has created the vision I want for my life
  • A singer with a song in my heart and praise in my mouth. 
  • Taking the necessary steps to move my life in a more meaningful direction
  • Learning to succeed at this game called life 
  • A mother who taught her daughters to love themselves mind, body and soul
  • A mother who taught her daughters to surround themselves with positive people 
  • Vulnerable and willing to take the risk of loving again
  • Learning from my mistakes and becoming a better parent and individual
  • Forgiving myself
  • Trading my fear for faith

Today, I Am Enough!


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