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Being a Bold Leader

Stop and think about the following questions.  

1. What does it mean to be bold?

2. What does it mean to be a leader? 

3. Would you consider yourself bold, a leader or a bold leader? 

There are several definitions and interpretations of what it means to be bold and to be a leader. My interpretation of being bold is not being afraid to take risks or make decisions (that lead to a positive result). I also think being bold is displaying confidence and courage as someone works to fulfill their purpose in the world. My interpretation of a leader is someone who has good organization skills which is required when working in a team setting or organization. I also think leaders stand behind their teams and works diligently to bring out the best in everyone. My interpretation of a bold leader is a combination of bold and leaders previously stated above.

In addition, a bold leader is someone who has a clear vision, purpose, and a plan of action. It is someone who can get those who also see the vision and purpose on board so they can work towards the common goal while executing the plan of action. As a leader, you should use the skill set, strengths, and talents of those involved for the benefit of the vision, team, and organization to collectively accomplish the goals you have set.

Being a bold leader is not easy and requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and responsibility. When in a leadership position you must take the good with the bad. You must be able to give compliments and criticisms as well as receive them. You must be able to accept responsibility when tasks are not executed correctly, and criticism are thrown your way. When and if this occurs do not be dismayed. Always remain calm and maintain a positive outlook. Take a few deep breaths, while you process the information that was given to you, thank whomever for the feedback and ask any questions you may have to further understand what went wrong so you know how to proceed going forward. 

Leaders are doers and are always looking for ways to improve their team, organization, themselves, and others. They encourage others to think creatively, think freely, identify issues, and develop ways to improve these issues from a different perspective. Leaders do not expect others to do the work by themselves or for them. They lead by example and deep dive into the task alongside everyone else. During a task or project leaders will often reiterate the vision and purpose. Doing this allows everyone to focus on the goals in front of them so they can reach the desired outcomes.

As a leader, you will have to make difficult decisions even when you are unsure of the outcome. This can be a challenge. Nonetheless, (leaders) do not allow challenges and obstacles to be deterrents. In fact, you should welcome these challenges and obstacles with open arms. When faced with a challenge, use it as an opportunity for improvement, to create, discover and provide new outcomes or solutions for these challenges. 

Leaders encourage each other to be efficient in all tasks and to exceed the expectations that have been set for them. As a leader, you never stop learning. Always seek ways to inspire, motivate, empower yourself and those around you. Most importantly, be the best version of yourself. Never run from an obstacle or encounter. Always use them to help you grow and develop personally and professionally. 



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