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Dear White People,

We now live in shared community. The same community you did not want to occupy or be caught dead in many years ago. The same community that was once affordable and now the average brown family can no longer afford to remain in or rent. Yet you are here, and we embrace you with no issues. 

Unfortunately, some of you move in and cause nothing but problems. Instead of us living together peacefully, some of you have inappropriate conversations with underage children instead of speaking to the parent. This is the quickest way to get your feelings hurt (that's putting it nicely). Some of you look for reasons to call law enforcement knowing the outcome of your actions could cause a black or brown man, woman or child to lose their life. 

If there is no imminent threat to you or someone else why are you calling the police. Yet, I get it now. This is your way to express you have "control" of the situation you created in your mind. If you did not know, let me say it loud for those of you in the back OUR LIVES MATTER just as much as yours.  We the people of the black and brown community have families too. We are parents, children, husband and wives too. We are someone’s son, daughter, sister, brother and spouse. 
The fact that we have more melanin than you does not make us criminals. We the people of the Black and brown community are not all criminals. We all do not rob, steal or kill. We have goals and ambitions just like you. We get up and go to work just like you. We are educated, professionals who have degrees and careers just like you. We are you and you are us. 

The only difference is the pigmentation of our skin. Yet, the issue still remains, you dislike us. You feel threatened by us and you think you are better than anyone who does not look like you. I am sure if someone asked why you feel they way you do, you could not provide a valid reason. Have you ever though maybe your issue is with yourself.

We have no issue with you. We are not calling the police on you when you have wild parties that last into the wee hours of the morning. We are not calling the police on you when we see you being belligerent at the lounge or bar because you had too much to drink. We are not clutching our purses when we are your presence of you, your children or men. We do not call the police or go after them  because they fit the description or look suspicious (fyi, your children also wear sagging pants and hoodies). Yet we are not endangering the lives of your children or men by calling the police on them. However, you seem to think it is okay to do it to our children and our black men. 

We have friends and family who have black and brown skin. We the members of the community are concerned about their lives daily should they have an encounter with the police or someone who may lie and make false claims against them. Black men, women and children are not safe anywhere not just in New York City. You the people of the white community will never understand what we as a black community endure daily. 

You have no idea what it is like to have to have to bury your loved one because of the violence displayed against them. You have no idea what it is like to be stopped or pulled over because you “fit the description. You have no idea of the conversations we must have with our sons and daughters daily just to ensure they return home the way they left, alive and well.  You have no idea what it is like. 

Meanwhile your children are out shooting up schools, night clubs, movie theaters and churches. Guess what they are not shot down like animals. They are apprehended, arrested and brought out alive. It is not okay to lie and make false claims against anyone but especially not on a black man. Doing so, could cause him to lose his life.

Black Lives Matter! 
Our Lives Matter!
All lives matter, but black lives are targeted.


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